Well, I've been there, too! For nearly 20 years, I've promoted professional and personal development training - as a planner, presenter and a participant. I've seen all sides, and realize the importance of engaging, insightful, and - yes - entertaining training to both educate and motivate. That's why I know . . .
The answer is: Book a Murder Mystery Training Event!
Your staff will master skills in a non-threatening, fun-filled program that I'll facilitate with conviction, pizazz, and a touch of humor.

Power Points and lectures will only get you so far. 
The importance of relevant information goes beyond the same ol' doldrums of the past. Hands-on experiential learning combines fun with applicable knowledge and skills, making a unique, lasting impression. The result is more-effective and productive staff development.
So . . . let me organize an unforgettable event for you.
As a licensed Mysteries on the Net Mystery Party Pro, I'm able to offer you Chief Inspector Jack Pachuta's exciting, tried-and-true Mystery Training experiences, programs that combine learning with fun and excitement, a winning combination. Your staff will not only participate in an event that teaches essential skills, but also in one that will make them smile.
They'll learn how to . . .

  • Build effective, cohesive teams.

  • Set realistic goals.

  • Work together to meet specific objectives.

  • React to the unexpected.

  • Assess team members' strengths and behavioral styles.

  • Communicate to solve problems.


  • Negotiate for key information.

Take the next step!
Contact me and tell me what you have in mind. I'll review the material and give you a comprehensive idea of how we can work together on a team building, interpersonal skills, communications, or other memorable Murder Mystery Training Event.
Your Murder Mystery training will be the highlight of your next meeting, a one-of-a-kind program that will be talked about for years to come!

As you plan your next meeting, I know what you're asking . . .

What do I do to make it a success - both as a training experience and as an entertaining event?
And, how do I convey vital information about TEAM BUILDING, COMMUNICATIONS and INTERPERSONAL SKILLS?

Inspector Amy Ressler

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